Example Virtual Tour of a Bar & Restaurant

The virtual tour adds more information to your Google Business View photos. The virtual tour can be embedded in your website and Facebook page or you can email the link directly to prospective customers.

The virtual tour can highlight areas of your business and viewers can click on each area to be transported directly to that area.  Additional information can be added in the for of Tour Cards which can add photos and text or even link to other pages such as your menu.  Look in the function room to see an example of photo Tour Cards.  Take a look around by clicking the area links or using the arrows.

Hotspots can be added to the virtual tour, which when clicked open up Tour Cards with more information – for an example of this look in the bar area of the beer pumps.

Virtual tours can be added to your Google Business View photoshoot for a small extra one off charge.  To remove the advertising banner requires a small fee to the virtual tour hosting company.
Click here to see the same example bar without the virtual tour elements.